Our Journey to Contemporary Modular Design

After more than 35 years in the construction industry and 20 years in the low-cost housing market, it became increasingly clear that a better solution in terms of alternative construction methods, was at the forefront of our clients’, and potentials clients’, needs.

This meant creating a housing unit that didn’t simply display durability and quality, but simplified the process in order to ensure improved on-site material handling and faster, more efficient production. What started off as research then developed into a full-fledged investigation and evolution within our business was short to follow. This ultimately consisted of moving away from conventional methods and providing a permanent structure that still incorporated modular panels.

Originally the structure incorporated composite panels with a polyisocyanurate fill, concrete columns and beams before it was decided in 2010 to conduct a test for aesthetics and structural integrity. We found that, while the unit performed well, the panels sounded hollow and would therefore alter perceptions in terms of quality.

And so the investigation continued and led us to replace the polyisocyanurate with an exceptional, specially formulated lightweight concrete that alleviated concerns about the hollow sound. Before long we had two low cost homes going up in various communities to get a glimpse how they would be received and it was a complete success.

Since, we have had the opportunity to explore numerous avenues we feel so passionately about, and ultimately evolve into a fantastic team of individuals committed to providing quality modular home design.