A New Angle on Residential Housing

If you’re looking to build a house with fewer costs and a bigger promise of an attractive, sustainable and safe finished product then look no further than Premod Systems.

Years of planning and investigation has allowed our system to evolve into an innovative, comprehensive solution that provides a variety of residential structures while continuing to incorporate modular panels.

Premod Systems Building System Explained

  • Premod Systems is a patented construction system.
  • All necessary equipment is supplied to your site.
  • The building consists of modular wall panels erected on an engineer-designed concrete floor slab, as well as a double pitched roof structure with clad gables.
  • Once the position of the unit has been decided, a platform is prepared, the floor slab is cast and the unit is then erected.
  • The structure is comprised of composite panels with specially formulated lightweight concrete fill, concrete columns and beams.
  • The equipment includes windows, doors, ceiling, plumbing, light fitting, and standard kitchen and bathroom finishes
  • Your structure is also constructed using local, trained personnel.

Safe and Certified

Whether you are in need of a new home or you’re looking to extend your existing home with a safe, engineer certified structure, Premod Systems can help you build it. The numerous reasons to build with Premod Systems include:

  • A simplified construction process that saves time and money
  • Modular design that makes for easier handling of materials
  • Panels that are produced in a controlled factory environment thereby reducing the risk of poor on-site workmanship and theft
  • Country-wide delivery and construction
  • Empowering local supplier and labour resources

The Process

There are three avenues available to the client.

Client appointed contractor

Once Premod is supplied the client’s chosen design we, in conjunction with our engineer, will design the panels to suit. The panel layout and construction thereof is then discussed with the client’s contractor and once erected our engineer will inspect and provide an engineer’s certificate.

Walling Sub-Contractor:

The procedure will be as above with the client’s contractor employing a Premod approved sub-contractor to erect the walling panels.


Premod will price the construction and provide the client with a specification and finishing schedule for the structure. Once approved by the client and the relevant authorities, Premod will provide a construction program and commence work. When complete Premod will supply the client with all the relevant certification on handover of the building.

Our Private Sector Solutions

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