Premod Systems - A New Angle

A patented construction system that has evolved over time, Premod Systems boasts a game-changing range of simple temporary buildings, semi-permanent units and quality permanent structures. Venturing beyond the realm of simple construction, we offer an alternative to conventional brick/block building with safe, cost-effective and versatile construction systems.

Why build with Premod Systems

Specialising in pre-built residential and commercial structures that range from granny flats to public buildings, there are numerous reasons to build with Premod Systems.

  • Our light-weight, flat pack format makes for easy transport, handling, and assembly.
  • The completed structures offered cost far less than those built with normally accepted construction methods due to the reduced construction period.
  • Our panels are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, thereby reducing the opportunity for poor on-site workmanship and theft.
  • Our construction method allows for a higher degree of performance than that of a conventional brick/block building system.
  • Our units are suitable for rural applications and/or areas with limited local resources.