Our Vision

As a proudly South African Company, we have become the preferred Supplier of Alternative Building Systems in both the commercial and residential sectors.

The system has changed people’s perceptions regarding the way homes are build, becoming the accepted alternative to the regular building method, which has led to the product being rolled out nationally.

The building method has assisted with the housing backlog and created work opportunities as the system does not rely on as many qualified personnel as the regular building method.  This means more work opportunities for everyone – especially those unskilled.

As training would be supplied to our new clients, there is a huge support benefit with the knowledge that the finished product can be achieved.


Being involved in the construction industry for over 40 years and specifically the low-cost market for 25 of them, Mr Robert John Lee, founder of Premod Systems, created and developed the brand, constantly changing and evolving the systems to become what it is today – a recognised patented building system.  It is through Mr Lee’s building experiences that Premod has reaped the benefit of being aware of what contractors require on site, and how to alleviate the problems many conventional brick/block builders face with access and material handling. With this knowledge, Mr Lee has developed a systems that is simplistic and fit for purpose.

Benefits of the Premod® Building System™

Our construction method allows for a higher degree of performance and accuracy than that of a conventional brick/block building system.  The units are suitable for all applications and/or areas with limited local resources.